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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ruler Instruction

Assume that your are doing measure your object start from left side and move to right side.

Initialize the ruler with tap

Step 2:
Put your left-end side of ruler screen to the left most end side of the object to measure.

Step 3:
Put yourto point the initial position which are pointing 2.50 inches or
move to right most side of the screen.

Step 4:
Put your index finger to the needle point position.

Step 5:
Move to left-end side of screen to match your index finger.

Step 6:
Tap to set base position to moved location.

Repeat step 4,5 and 6 again and again until the right end of object is located inside the screen.

If the end of object are located inside your iPhone or iPod touch screen,
move to the end of right end of object and read number panel.

It has 5 buttons and one needle.

It is a clear button to reset ruler.

It is a button to change ruler direction.

It is a button to swap "cm" and "inch".

It is a button to move ruler position to current position plus the length from start point of current screen to needle.

It is a exit button.

It is a needle to where the number points.